Sunday, August 28, 2016

Download Book Learning Linux

Yeap, this time I'll give you a book about travel malang juanda Book Learning Linux. Because a lot of my brothers who want to learn Linux, but can only ingredients that are cracked. Well, to that, this time around I am going to make an article about the Book Learning Linux for all my brothers. Hehehehehehe ... Quiet, my Linux Learning Book Download this free kok. Charge a continental Indonesia. Hehehehehehehe ...... Oya, I love ya learn Linux two books. Both are equally good kok. Just as a reference. Hehehehehehe ... Okeh, please enjoy the Book learn Linux:D

Learn Linux download book 1

Learn Linux download book 2

The Journey Begins

It is time for. ....
Hehehehehe ..... Okey, from now on, kitchen set malang I will further discuss about the Linux operating system with the distro Mandriva because of reliability and beauty. ... Company ... ....

Well, to its Windows operating system, I will be using Windows XP only. You see, my laptop's specs for install Windows 7 not strong nih. Anyways, kan also expensive license from the Windows. Sorry, I use a PIRATED Windows XP. Try the Windows in the open-source.